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Alan and Trent are pastors helping churches and leaders make a difference and last.

Episode 126: 6 Pastor’s Who Won’t Likely Endure

August 23, 2021

Episode 126: 6 Pastor's Who Won't Likely Endure


6 types of pastors who will struggle to endure
  1. The know it all pastor.
  2. The self-centered pastor.
  3. The lazy pastor.
  4. The emotionally unintelligent pastor.
  5. The unspiritual pastor.
  6. The isolated pastor
Some corrective actions...
  • Be teachable
  • Know Yourself
  • Work hard
  • Love your family and your flock
    • Can't love who you don't know
  • Remember you are on a spiritual journey
  • Build relationships and accountability with other pastors